Locke Meadows LLC
962 Wadesville Road Berryville, VA 22611          Phone:  540-533-2951
Open Horse Show

1) Western Showmanship 
2) Halter
3) Leadline (English/Western/Gaited) 100% On Rider
4) Leadline (English/Western/Gaited) 100% On Horse/Pony
5) Leadline (English/Western/Gaited) 50% Rider/50% Horse/Pony
6) Beginner English/Western/Gaited Walk On Rail (may have ground person)
7) Beginner English/Western/Gaited  Walk Around Cones
8) Beginner English/Western/Gaited Equitation (Walk Only)
9) Lunge Line (to be run in warm-up ring, will have a different judge) 
10) Beginner Walk/Trot (English or Western)
11) Beginner Walk/Trot (English or Western)
12) Beginner Walk/Trot Equitation (English or Western)
13)Grooms/Parents Class - Walk Only

14) Green Horse Walk, Jog or Trot
15) Green Horse Walk. Jog or Trot
16) Green Horse Walk, Jog or Trot
17) Open Pleasure Walk/Pleasure Gait (English/Western/Gaited)
18) Open Pleasure Go As You Please (English/Western/Gaited)
19) Open Pleasure Walk/Pleasure Gait (English/Western/Gaited)
20) Western Pleasure Walk/Jog
21) Western Pleasure Go As You Please (May Jog or Lope)
22) Western Pleasure Horsemanship (Equitation)  (Walk/Jog/Lope/Back Up)
23) TIP Western  Walk/Jog
24) TIP Western Go As You Please

25) English Showmanship
26) Hunter Model 
27) TIP Hunter In Hand
28) English Walk/Trot
29) English Go As You Please 
30) English Walk/Trot
31) TIP English Walk/Trot
32) TIP English Go As You Please
33) Open English Pleasure Walk/Trot
34) Open English Pleasure Go As You Please
35) Open English Pleasure Walk/Trot/Canter
36) English Equitation Walk/Trot
37) English Equitation Walk/Trot/Canter
38) English Equitation 

39) Low Hunter Under Saddle Walk/Trot
40) Low Hunter Hack (2 Fences at 2')
41) Low Hunter Over Fences (8 Fences at 2')
42) Schooling Hunter Walk/Trot/Canter
43) Schooling Hunter Hack (2 Fences at 2'6")
44) Schooling Hunter Over Fences (8 Fences at 2'6")

Show Starts at 9am Sharp

Classes $10/each  or $75/all day per horse/rider combo   

Pre-Entries are required for all shows until further notice. Entries are due by 5pm the Thurday before the show.

Click HERE to Pre Enter

Please click HERE for rules and a printable Prize List in PDF or Word format.

Trainer With Most Entries - $100 Per Show
(Must Have At Least 5 Riders Show In 6 Classes Each)

We will be offering a Champion Neck Sash for High Point English and High Point Western Horse. 

Thoroughbred Incentive Program Awards At Each Show
TIP High Point Thoroughbred (All Classes Count) 
TIP High Point Thoroughbred Junior Rider (All Classes Count)
TIP Open Thoroughbred In Hand
TIP Thoroughbred English Pleasure
TIP Thoroughbred Western Pleasure 
TIP Thoroughbred Western Performance