Locke Meadows LLC
962 Wadesville Road Berryville, VA 22611          Phone:  540-533-2951
Battle Of The Breeds 
May 17th                                  9am
$50 Entry Fee Per Horse
1) Western Halter (Judged in-hand on horse's conformation)
2) Western Showmanship (Judged in-hand on handler's ability to show horse)
3) Western Pleasure Walk/Jog or Pleasure Gait
4) Western Pleasure Go As You Please
5) Western Pleasure Walk/Jog or Pleasure Gait/Lope
6) Western Pleasure Command
7) Western Riding (Pattern #1)
8) English Model (Judged in-hand on horse's conformation)
9) English Showmanship (Judged in-hand on handler's ability to show horse)
10) Hunter Under Saddle Walk/Trot
11) Hunter Under Saddle Go As You Please
12) Hunter Under Saddle Walk/Trot/Canter
13) Hunter Under Saddle Command
14) Trail (English or Western)
15) 4 Cross Rails at 18"
16) 4 Jumps at 2'
17) 8 Jumps at 2'6'
18) Mini Showmanship
19) Mini Halter
20) Mini Jumping In-Hand
20) Mini Driving
All horses/breeds will compete together in each class. Horse does not need to have 
papers for the breed they are showing as, but should appear to be that breed.

Ribbons will be awarded 1st through 6th in all classes. 

High Point Awards will be given to the horse in each 
breed accumulating the most points 
throughout the show. 

AQHA rules will apply.

Sponsorship Available For $35/per breed.
Awards Will Be Presented For 
The Following Breeds:

Quarter Horse
Draft (any breed)
Pony (any pony breed)
Gaited (any gaited breed)
Miniature Horse Horse
Other Not Listed